Issue 35

A strong-willed western businessman causes trouble at a hotel in Japan when he requests a futon be laid out in his room. Two rival explorers set sail from England in the 1580s, journeying across the world in a desperate search for the lost treasure of a ruthless Japanese pirate. And in a busy métro station in Paris, a benevolent young American brings out the worst in a vulnerable, blind beggar. From a seaside town on the Adriatic coast, and a coastal metropolis in northern China, to the far-flung reaches of the globe, the autumn issue of Lowestoft Chronicle features work by Rob Dinsmoor, Dave Gregory, Mark Halpern, Dixon Hearne, M.T. Ingoldby, Diane G. Martin, Matthew Menary, Joe Mills, Matthew Mitchell, James B. Nicola, Thomas Piekarski, Anum Sattar, and Gary Singh.