Issue 46

Having been starved of entertainment for months, a bored couple gets suckered into shelling out big bucks for a crude pop-up drive-in theater experience. A famous rock group gatecrashes a touring band’s gig at a tiny venue in southwestern Germany. In Switzerland, American tourists find themselves fleeing for their lives as a quaint Alpine festival gets out of control. Hardy members of a mountain preservation group try to stave off injury during a tough Arctic ski across Norway's Hardangervidda mountain plateau. And crazed brutality surfaces amid legions of prairie dogs and Airstream trailers on the Alaska Highway.

We proudly present the work of Linda Caradine, DAH, Laurel DiGangi, J.C. Elkin, David Guaspari, C.B. Heinemann, Richard Holinger, Jacqueline Jules, Richard Luftig, DS Maolalai, Roger Singer, and Robert Wexelblatt.