Issue 36

Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head as two aging brothers reunite in northeastern France, and while vacationing in the French Riviera, a diffident Brit marvels at the conduct of local sunbathers. In Rome, an American tourist discovers the true value of a phrase book when she’s separated from her tour group, and a dedicated poet in Alabama embarks on a literary quest to Scotland. We proudly present the work of Sharon Frame Gay, Joe Giordano, Nicholas Litchfield, Matt Mason, Dan Morey, Valerie Nieman, Phillip Parotti, Judy S. Richardson, Richard Charles Schaefer, Carol Smallwood, Simone Tropea, and Gail Tyson. Plus, interviews with British author and poet James Sale, and American author Matthew P. Mayo, the recent winner of the prestigious Spur Award and Wrangler Award.