Lowestoft Chronicle’s 2017 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Last week we made the following nominations for the Pushcart Prize (for poetry, short stories, essays, memoirs or stand-alone excerpts from novels published by little magazines and small presses in 2017):

Pushcart Prize nominations:
“On the Oxford to York” (Story) by Arianna S. Warsaw-Fan Rauch
“Dream Job” (Story) by AN Block
“Traveling Companion” (Poem) by Mary Beth Magee
“Japanese Taxis and Elementary Incidents” (Essay) by Anthony Head
“The Paperboy Incident” (Essay) by Frank Morelli
“Farmer Joe” (Story) by Ruyi Wen

Thanks to everybody who submitted work to us in 2017. It was a very difficult decision choosing our favorite published pieces this year.