Lowestoft Chronicle’s 2020 Pushcart Prize Nominations

In November, we made the following nominations for the Pushcart Prize (for poetry, short stories, essays, memoirs or stand-alone excerpts from novels published by little magazines and small presses in 2020):

Pushcart Prize nominations:
“The Montparnasse Moon Shot” (Story) by Robert Mangeot
“Bijou” (Essay) by Mary Donaldson-Evans
“Harrisburg” (Poem) by James B. Nicola
“A Village Near the Border” (Poem) by Marc Harshman
“The First American Explorers to Canyon de Chelly” (Story) by David Hagerty
“The Christmas Boxer (Story) by Christopher Cosmos

Thanks to everybody who submitted work to us in 2020. This year, it was a particularly difficult decision choosing our favorites among the many published pieces.