Issue 47

A crafty New Yorker hatches a plan to smuggle contraband from Brazil in a pair of toucans. Meanwhile, a young passenger battles a pensioner for the armrest and control of the AC on a suffocatingly hot parked plane. And a businessman gamely endures delays and overly officious airline officials while in pursuit of his exceedingly well-traveled luggage. Elsewhere, soulful musings on meaningful footwear, and childhood remembrances of the scents and sounds and untold stories of summers past and autumnal beginnings.

We proudly present the work of Jen Burke Anderson, Amy Barone, Tim Campbell, Sharon Frame Gay, Bruce Harris, Jacqueline Jules, Laurence Klavan, Robert Luhn, George Moore, Katherine Pickett, Carolyn R. Russell, Shoshauna Shy, and Harper Warner.