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A Place to Pause

A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

ISBN-10: 1-7323328-3-5
ISBN-13: 978-1732332836

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | October 31, 2022
Special Offer: $14.95 US | List Price: $17.95 US

A Place to Pause is a wonderful collection of work from the fine literary journal, the Lowestoft Chronicle. Anyone who loves travel writing, or just plain good writing, will enjoy the variety of voices and situations chronicled here. Fresh, original, unpretentious, these writers and their work take us to a surprising number of physical and emotional places. A pure delight.”
Jim Daniels, award–winning author of Places/Everyone and Birth Marks

A Place to Pause s a delightful blend of captivating stories that inspired me to step away from my desk and experience all the vast glories beyond our screens.”
Brian Sacca, actor and screenwriter of Buffaloed

“The latest in a series presents 32 pieces with settings that range from Africa to Asia to North America, with many stops along the way. The collection is evenly split between poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, with three interviews with authors added for background…[and] delivers a certain uniformity in tone. Creative variations on a theme that often makes for vibrant reading.”
Kirkus Reviews

An Adventurous Spirit

A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

ISBN-10: 1732332827
ISBN-13: 978-1732332829

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | October 31, 2022
Special Offer: $14.95 US | List Price: $16.95 US

“A refreshingly original collection of sharp tales. Overall, it’s entertaining, varied, and clever writing.”
Kirkus Reviews

“I know every serious reader is awash with excitement when they accidentally discover a treasure trove of excellent writing. This volume lives up to its claim of spirited adventure… The poetry also is remarkable. This book is a great find.”
—Julia McMichael, Seattle Book Review

“The collected works in An Adventurous Spirit invite the reader to come away on a journey, and what a journey it is! This anthology is a wide-ranging showcase of Lowestoft Chronicle’s writers, and the reader cannot help but be changed by this collective force. This line from the poem “Druich” by James B. Nicola truly captures the essence of the book, “Though overseas it wears a foreign face/ enchantment is enchantment any place.”
— Cat Dixon, The Good Life Review Poetry Editor

“Across continents and even states of consciousness, An Adventurous Spirit moves deftly, displays a remarkable range, and reminds us why we crave travel literature. Read and enjoy!”
— Charles Holdefer, author of The Contractor

The Vicarious Traveler

A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

ISBN-10: 1732332819
ISBN-13: 978-1732332812

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | November 15, 2019 
Special Offer: $11.99 US | List Price: $16.95 US

“Charm, a love of travel, often sly humor, and a clear reverence of story make up the backbone of Lowestoft Chronicle.”
Keith Rosson, author of The Mercy of the Tide and Smoke City

“This cornucopia of riveting tales and vivid poetry lures a reader to myriad new destinations, both internal and external. The Vicarious Traveler beckons you to escape, and I savored every locale. From the richly drawn desolation of the Texas panhandle in Sharon Frame Gay’s “Song of the Highway” to the lush, bird-teeming lawns of “The Buzzing” by Philip Barbara; from the American nostalgia of “Mr. O’Brien’s Last Soliloquy” by Robert Garner McBrearty to the Turkish apple orchard of Dave Gregory, this collection abounds with amazing language, arresting insight, and sharply drawn landscapes. Fix a cup of tea and get ready to roam.”
Linda Boroff, screenwriter of Murder in Fashion

The Vicarious Traveler is a welcome travel-themed anthology that has something for everyone — adventure, crime, and humor all served up in sparkling prose and poetry. Editor Nicholas Litchfield has once again done admirable work in selecting and presenting a memorable miscellany of fiction, nonfiction, and verse that beckons to literary travelers and leads them onward from one entertaining stop to another, smoothly mixing the temptation to linger with the desire to race ahead and see what is next on this intriguing journey.”
— Timothy J. Lockhart, author of Smith and Pirates

Invigorating Passages

A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

ISBN-10: 0982536593

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | April 1, 2018
Special Offer: $10.99 US | List Price: $15.95 US

“Two things one wants from an anthology: everything should be different and everything should be good. An anthology of travel writing—generously conceived, like this one—should serve up a variety of trips to surprise and stimulate the mental traveler. Invigorating Passages delivers on all counts, hits on all cylinders too. Here you will find journeys not only to varied locales in space and time but into the inexhaustible intricacies of human psychology, adventures of all sorts and in every genre: poetry, nonfiction, stories. The writing is skilled, the choices rich, the passages manifold, and the invigoration unfailing.”
Robert Wexelblatt, award-winning author of Zublinka Among Women

“Looking for drama, adventure and a taste of the exotic? Then look no further than the latest anthology from the refreshingly unique Lowestoft Chronicle, Suffolk’s leading literary journal. Invigorating Passages is a rare and dynamic literary collection which grabs readers firmly and sweeps them away to strange and exhilarating places, presenting intriguing situations, colourful characters, and making us yearn to strap on the backpack and go exploring.”
— Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Post

“A wonderful collection from a fine literary journal that transports readers to places they’ve never been. A plan for murder in Japan, a strange discovery in Austria, putting out fires in Portugal, lost on a motorbike on the backroads of Thailand, a shark encounter off Key West, a cruise to the Galápagos, and so much more. Fine writing that stirs the imagination, often amuses and always entertains.”
— Dietrich Kalteis, award-winning author of Ride the Lightning

Invigorating Passages is a powerful literary passport — this adventurous anthology is all stamped up with exciting travel-themed writing. With humor, darkness, and charm, its lively prose and poetry will drop you into memorable physical and psychological landscapes. Pack your bags!”
— Joseph Scapellato, acclaimed author of Big Lonesome

Steadfast Trekkers

A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

ISBN-10: 1732332800
ISBN-13: 978-1732332805

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | September 30, 2018
Special Offer: $10.99 US | List Price: $15.95 US

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Grand Departures

Lowestoft Chronicle’s 2016 Anthology

ISBN-10: 0982536585
ISBN-13: 978-0982536582

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | November 1, 2016
Special Offer: $10.99 US | List Price: $15.95 US

“The stories, poems, and essays in Nicholas Litchfield’s latest anthology, Grand Departures, are haunting, idiosyncratic, and unexpected, like the true delights of travel.”
— Ivy Goodman, award-winning author of Heart Failure and A Chapter from Her Upbringing

“A father putting his life on the line searching for his daughter in the swamps of Florida, a girlfriend who finds her soul mate on a butte in the Badlands, a wife who tolerates her husband’s eccentricities in Vatican City, and a writer and his agent traveling from one bizarre topic to another to find the perfect, next thing in literature. These are only a smattering of the poignant and funny stories, memoirs, and poems found in this must-have collection of travelers’ delights and demons.”
— Nancy Caronia, contributor to Somewhere, Sometime and co-editor of Personal Effects

“An impressive collection of travel works that sweeps the reader across the globe. The characters here, though sometimes lost in distant lands and curious customs, never fail to be lost in wonder. Here is your ticket to travel with them, to lose yourself in these pages, to satisfy your inner nomad.”
— Dorene O’Brien, award-winning author of Voices of the Lost and Found

Other Places

Lowestoft Chronicle’s 2015 Anthology

ISBN-10: 0982536569
ISBN-13: 978-0982536568

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | July 1, 2015
Special Offer: $9.99 US | List Price: $14.95 US | $18.95 CAN

Other Places, a mouth-watering feast of short stories, poems, narrative non-fiction, and in-depth interviews, is the latest anthology from the much-admired Lowestoft Chronicle, an eclectic and innovative online journal of new writing focusing on travel and humour. Packed into the pages are stories to entice, enthral, and entertain. Marvel at the inventiveness of Mary Donaldson-Evans’s sparklingly witty ‘Curious in Corsica: A Tale of Two Couples’…Or be seduced by ‘Uprisings at Cap d’Antibes,’ Robert Mangeot’s acutely observed tale of revolution at a tennis academy in the glittering Cote d’Azur. Litchfield also serves up a tasty blend of pleasing and deftly prepared poems. They include Jay Parini’s stirring spiritual poem ‘Midrash,’ and the wonderfully clever, witty ‘Shooing Flies’ by David Havird. And if you still aren’t sated by this literary banquet, tuck into Litchfield’s incisive and enlightening interviews with three critically acclaimed, multitalented writers. Other Places is the perfect holiday destination, offering truly original locations, a cast of unforgettable travellers, some fun-filled outings, and plenty of local colour.”
— Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

“In the age of tweets and sound bites, it’s heartening to read Other Places: Lowestoft Chronicle’s 2015 Anthology, a publication celebrating the power and beauty of a story well told.”
— Sheldon Russell, author of the Hook Runyon Mystery series

“I really loved the latest anthology from Lowestoft, OTHER PLACES. It’s a brilliant, savory, sharp, amusing and varied taste of my favorite magazine, Lowestoft Chronicle. I’m delighted that a place exists for this kind of travel writing — if that’s a term for it. And it’s not a good one. This is just great writing about place, ranging from the spirit of place to the human spirit. Go anywhere with Lowestoft. And enjoy the trip.”
—Jay Parini, bestselling author of The Last Station and The Passages of H.M.

“OTHER PLACES is the usual delightful mix of stories, poems, author interviews, and non-fiction gleaned from the pages of the Lowestoft Chronicle, the only literary magazine I read on a regular basis. Always entertaining and insightful, OTHER PLACES is well worth your time, whether you’re a veteran traveler or a hermit like me!”
—James Reasoner, author of the cult classics Texas Wind and Dust Devils

“Armchair travelers, rejoice! Editor Nicholas Litchfield has released Lowestoft Chronicle’s anthology for summer 2015, Other Places. Filled with fiction, nonfiction and poetry about travel and destinations, the book brings the far corners of the world to the reader’s armchair. The stories and poems vary in tone from dead serious to delightful whimsy, offering something for every taste. Humor, adventure and mystery share the pages with intriguing result. Three author interviews interspersed among the articles add a personal element to the volume, as do the contributor biographies at the back of the book. Each entry reflects a different voice, so a discussion of the book’s voice must indicate the variety of perspective and subject matter. The casual reader may not love every entry, but will surely find several to love.”
—Mary Beth Magee,

“Sick of fly-by journalism and travel dilettantes? The antidote is Lowestoft Chronicle’s most recent anthology, Other Places—a collection of essays, stories, and poetry devoted to the in-depth experience of culture. Whether humorous, touching, or revelatory, these expertly curated pieces throw you in contact with the real.”
— Scott Dominic Carpenter, author of Theory of Remainders and This Jealous Earth

Somewhere, Sometime…

Lowestoft Chronicle’s 2014 Anthology

ISBN-10: 0982536577
ISBN-13: 978-0982536568

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | March 15, 2014
Special Offer: $9.95 US | List Price: $12.95 US | $14.95 CAN

“The latest collection of prose and poetry from the Lowestoft Chronicle is a genuine pleasure. Take it with you on your next trip, no matter how far or flung. Nicholas Litchfield has put together something very special, something to celebrate, enjoy, savor.”
— Jay Parini, bestselling author of The Last Station and Why Poetry Matters

“What a lovely book. Well designed, thoughtfully laid out, and with a grand assortment of content. I’m flattered and honored to be in the mix.”
— Matthew P. Mayo, Spur Award-winning author of Tucker’s Reckoning

Intrepid Travelers

Lowestoft Chronicle’s 2013 Anthology

ISBN-10: 0982536542
ISBN-13: 978-0982536544

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | June 1, 2013
Special Offer Price: $9.99 US | List Price: $14.95 US

Intrepid Travelers is an exhilarating, uplifting and offbeat journey to the world’s most exciting and exotic locations; a paean to life’s adventurers, those plucky, inspirational souls who travel to enjoy rather than to arrive. From frank and fascinating interviews…to poetic musings on piano playing, an Ice Age grotto and those terrifying moments of plane take-off, Intrepid Travelers is a coruscating cornucopia of humour, drama and big, beautiful adventures. Highly original and entertaining. Don’t miss it!”
Lancashire Evening Post

“Without a single stinker or filler piece in the bunch, this wonderful 160-page ‘little’ anthology definitely bids well for the strength of work the online magazine version must regularly publish. I was extremely impressed, after reading it, with the variety and quality of the writing. There’s something here for everyone to check out between novels while on vacation or holiday, a lunch break, or even while you’re waiting to board a plane, train or bus. Intrepid Travelers is a solid collection of funny and fine travel-themed stories, poetry, essays and interviews that easily fits in a back pocket or carry-on bag.”

“Refreshing and well-written, Intrepid Travelers takes the reader to a wide variety of literary destinations, and makes even a confirmed hermit like me want to get up and go somewhere. Highly recommended.”
— James Reasoner, Rough Edges

Swampjack Virus

ISBN-10: 0982536550
ISBN-13: 978-0982536551

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | October 21, 2013
Special Offer: $9.99 US | List Price: $14.95 US | $16.95 CAN | £10.95 GBP

“A fast-paced, well-plotted and gripping 21st century espionage thriller…Litchfield paints a pitch perfect portrait of a delightfully offbeat US spy who bucks the trend by coming out of the heat and into the cold. Swampjack Virus, with its ironic undertones, charismatic cast and nail-biting suspense, takes us on a high-speed, rollercoaster journey from the opulent colonial lake houses in New York State to the slate-grey industrial towns and bleak back lanes of England. Don’t miss the all-action adventure…”
— Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

“Bond fans take notice: With Swampjack Virus, Nicholas Litchfield has penned a fast-paced spy-guy thriller filled to the brim with suspense and old-school intrigue. Swampjack Virus will leave readers shaken, stirred …and thirsty for more.”
— Matthew P. Mayo, Spur Award-winning author of Tucker’s Reckoning

Swampjack Virus possesses all the qualities of a classic thriller. It is taut, intense and engaging from start to finish. Litchfield gives us a tale well worth our time.”
— Michael C. Keith, acclaimed author of The Next Better Place

Far-flung and Foreign

The Lowestoft Chronicle 2012 Anthology

ISBN-10: 0982536534
ISBN-13: 978-0982536537

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | March 1, 2012
Special Offer Price: $9.99 US | List Price: $14.95 US

“A tip of the hat (sombrero, fez) to Lowestoft Chronicle for fueling our urge to turn off Jersey Shore, toss our cell phones into a lake, and go embrace this amazing planet of ours. Bon Voyage!”
— Franz Wisner, New York Times bestselling author of Honeymoon with My brother and How the World Makes Love

“Nicely laid out … eclectic … humorous pieces with an emphasis on travel, hence many of the works take one to far-away and exotic places. I immensely enjoyed ‘The Adventures of Root Beer Float Man’ by Michael Frissore. For poetry, try Wayne Lee’s ‘Ordinary Deckhand.'”

The Sad Man in the Sports Car

ISBN-10: 0982536526
ISBN-13: 978-0982536520

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | March 1, 2012
Special Offer: $9.99 US | List Price: $14.95 US | $16.95 CAN | £10.95 GBP

“This short, quirky and rather downbeat novel centres on the lives of two eccentric upper middle class English bachelors and their quests for sex, love and success …the reading pleasure lying in the pair’s exchanges and musings on life and, in particular, the fairer sex. The twin protagonists come across as carefully-carved caricatures (viciously incisive ones at that) …in a book otherwise to be savoured.”

Lowestoft Chronicle 2011 Anthology

ISBN-10: 0982536518
ISBN-13: 978-0982536513

Trade Paperback | Lowestoft Chronicle Press | June 1, 2011
Special Offer: $9.99 US | List Price: $14.95 US

“This is a fine anthology that I found both provocative and enjoyable. Highest praise: it made me want to write short stories again.”
— Luke Rhinehart, author of the cult classic The Dice Man

“All things considered, it might just be a very good thing if the Lowestoft Chronicle were to achieve their goal of world domination.”
— Cheryl LaGuardia, e-Views, Library Journal