A Book Entitled The History of Furniture by Andrew House

A Book Entitled The History of Furniture

Andrew House

Option One:
The casual reader devours words
like snicker doodles laced with
aphorisms. If the dentist’s office
were particularly molassy,
we’d read a catalog of nose hair
trimmers just to stifle our
Option Two:
In a lightly mildewed basement
exists a sweat-stained connoisseur
of tuffets and fauteuils. His magnum
opus, an epoch-spanning epic of
armoires and ottomans, rests
in my hands like a lost book
of God.
Option Three:
The pinball machine of human
knowledge runs on the same principle
as the Feeding of the 5,000. If we don’t
snatch the triple multi-ball, that rolling silver
heart will slide past our hands. A low note
will play, and we’ll press our rotted faces
to the glass.

About the Author

Andrew House works as a writing tutor in Muncie, Indiana, where he is pursuing a degree in creative writing. He balances his creative efforts between horror fiction and humorous poetry.