The Museum of Unwearable Shoes by Gene Twaronite

The Museum of Unwearable Shoes

Gene Twaronite

The mall has many wonders
and most amazing of all is
the Museum of Unwearable Shoes
where perched on glass
pedestal displays of
style over comfort
you’ll find multi-strapped
leather sculptures adorned
in beads and buckles
that bind and pinch  
with exquisite agony
and five-inch gravity
defying dagger stilettoes
guaranteed to make  
a woman look sexy—
except for bunions
and the moment her
face meets the earth.

About the Author

Gene Twaronite is a Tucson poet and author of six books, including two juvenile fantasy novels and two short story collections. His first collection of poetry Trash Picker on Mars was published in 2016 by Aldrich Press (imprint of Kelsay Books). A strong element of the absurd runs through much of his writing. Follow more of his writing at his blog