Southern Flee by Matt Baganz

Southern Flee

Matt Baganz

Driving south through the Smoky Mountains
heading backwards to the beach
searching for a magic fountain
but the phoenix flown far out of reach
there are bears and moose abundant
lying that you know their language
to yourself, pretend you found it
but your tale don’t wag the anguish

In a saloon outside of Nashville
drinking thirsty for a friend
smoking chains to break the bashful
a wiser hand reach out to lend
lead the horse, she knows you will drink
parching for the lady’s number
deep into your neck her teeth sink
sliding slither to the slumber

Tooling through the stretch of Georgia
making time to part the waters
when the tide is working for ya
washing up the mermaid daughters
champagne glasses crack together
lying face down in a face off
inebriation gone forever
when the truth is never enough

Striking gold on the Atlantic
even if the home is hell
when the rainbow fades you’re frantic
champagne and sharks mix well in swells
swallow pride and close your eyes
let the pirates pay your fare
hurricanes, don’t act surprised
that your problems chased you there.

About the Author

Matt Baganz misses his tropical beach but knows she’s waiting for him. He currently teaches at an international school in Europe.