Cello Duet by Kimberly Peterson

Cello Duet

Kimberly Peterson

overseas flight delays
time compressed to catch
our last connection home,
and final flight tonight

                        mismatch march
through customs
                                    sixteen-bar rest

                                indifferent agents
mumble vague instructions
            must recheck baggage

search for open security gate
finally find one                      
                                    twelve-bar rest

            soloist mom with C chord
                        of kids at the end of the line
                                    pleads for help to get to her gate
   “Nothing I can do,” security guard
chorus line steps left, sings  
                        “Let her through”
                                    A cappella
                                                twenty-bar rest
when we finally board
pilot reports an unusual delay
each plane carries one strap
to secure a cello in the cabin (regulations)
                        “Two cellos on tonight’s flight,
                           I asked for airport-wide search
                           to find strap number two”
                                                forty-eight bar rest

                        while we wait on the tarmac
harmonious cellos soothe us                                                              

                        No, not really

cellists trade seats to sit together
taut vocal cords of passengers’ lament

we fly a polite topography
hope no one twists pegs
until strings break

About the Author

Kimberly Peterson writes creative nonfiction and poetry. She spends a lot of time in airports, previously traveling for work and now for pleasure. You can find her on Instagram @Kimberlypetersonpoet