Hold of the Passed by Rodney Nelson

Hold of the Passed

Rodney Nelson

you watched it from older country and went
and from here too as I would do in time
and you went again
                     had me with you to
watch it from High Point until was nothing
but sign in it then you came as I in
time would do
                  came back to more a sky than
any and to pass not go
                                     I am here
taking more a March wind than Seattle
or older country would know and am not
gone but have your words with me on a road
or avenue
                                     you are passed
                         not gone and
I am here with you and wind watching sky
that may have no more sign in it for me.

About the Author

Rodney Nelson’s poetry got into mainstream print long ago, but he gave up poetry for fiction and did not write a poem for twenty-two years, reemerging in the 2000s. A book and copy editor, he lives in the northern Great Plains.