R.O.T. Rallies by Jill Hawkins

R.O.T. Rallies

Jill Hawkins

We return like perennials
to Austin rallying with
lawyers and strippers on
Harleys and substance
in this heat of 6th street
bartenders built to win sashes
mix our whiskey drinks
knowing tomorrow it will
be Shiner Bock in Luckenbach
sweating out an old tune
familiar and favored
with old friends and new
acceptance is swung by
right leg over a motor
it’s legitimate in leather
breast wars, like heat strokes
it only happens in season

About the Author

Jill Hawkins is a recent graduate student of the Red Earth MFA program at Oklahoma City University. She was born and raised in Oklahoma. She has publications of poems in: JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association and Blacktop Passages, as well is in Southwestern American LiteraturePink.Girl.Ink.Poeming PigeonMiznaThe Dragon Poet Review, and The Endeavor.