Crime Time FM on Latest John Trinian Twofer

When it comes to heist novels, John Trinian is right up there with Lionel White. His novel The Big Grab is a masterful character study of two desperate criminals looking to score big. This novel was so popular that it made it to the big screen and struck box office gold.

The newest collection from Stark House Press, published last month, combines The Big Grab with The Savage Breast, a melodrama written by the author the following year. Though the two stories are entirely different, they highlight Trinian’s expertise in character development and suspenseful prose. The volume includes informative essays by Brian Greene and the Lowestoft Chronicle editor, providing analysis of the novels and offering fresh insight into the author’s life.

In a recent Crime Time FM podcast, host Paul Burke looks at eleven crime fiction novels published in August. He remarks on this Stark House reprint: “First, the heist story, The Big Grab…This is a proper page-turner, and the robbery itself is tense, suspenseful, and gripping; genuinely nervy. The second story by Trinian in this double-header volume…[is] well-plotted, and the observations on character are spot-on, which does make it an interesting read. There’s also an essay by Nicholas Litchfield in this edition which is really well worth a read because it tells you a little bit about John Trinian, whose real name was Zekial Marko, and he had quite a life.”

Get your copy of this superior twofer on Amazon, directly from the publisher, or other fine booksellers.

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