Editor of Lowestoft Chronicle reviews Pirates by Timothy J. Lockhart for the Lancashire Post

“American author Timothy J. Lockhart delivers a barrage of thrills, spills, and blood-soaked ferocity in his explosive action-adventure yarn set in the hazardous rough waters of the Caribbean.

Lockhart, a lawyer in Virginia, is a retired Navy Reserve captain and former US Navy intelligence officer whose debut novel, Smith, garnered strong reviews. Praised in Booklist for its ‘beautifully wrought scenes’ and ‘artfully done violence,’ Smith showcased Lockhart’s talent for edgy suspense and thrilling action sequences.

The author’s new novel, Pirates, is a modern-day high-seas thriller with the same taut, suspenseful prose, as well as extensive, exhilarating gun battles, a disturbing blend of violence and eroticism, and unforgettable villainy.”

Nicholas Litchfield’s review of Pirates is published today in the Lancashire Post and syndicated to 20 newspapers in the UK. You can read the full book review here.

Author: Editor

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