Lowestoft Chronicle Editor Reviews The Outfit: Outlawed!

“Hunted by soldiers, a ferocious hired killer and a powerful group of die-hard Confederates, a band of outlaws known as The Outfit heads to Yuma Territorial Prison to put a stop to the corrupt warden Talbot Timmons once and for all.

Prolific American author Matthew P. Mayo, who often focuses on the American West and New England, has written more than two-dozen books in the past ten years.

His ‘grittiest moments’ non-fiction books include the perennial bestseller Cowboys, Mountain Men, and Grizzly Bears, and his many Westerns include the 2013 Spur Award-winning novel Tucker’s Reckoning.

A frequent contributor to anthologies of fiction, Mayo’s stories and essays are especially worth seeking out. His recent work can be found in The Trading Post & Other Frontier Stories (Five Star) and Invigorating Passages (Lowestoft Chronicle), both published in 2018.

Mayo is at the height of his career and writing his best work to date. Earlier this year, he won the Spur Award, the Peacemaker Award, and the Wrangler Award for his historical novel Stranded, and his Roamer Western, Timberline, and Blood and Ashes, book two in The Outfit series, received glowing reviews in Booklist, the Lancashire Post and other periodicals.

His newest novel, The Outfit: Outlawed!, is the third instalment in his lively, all-action adventure series set in the Old West, featuring an eclectic band of benevolent gunslingers led by former war hero-turned-spy Rafe Barr.”

Nicholas Litchfield’s review of Matthew P. Mayo’s fun and fiercely entertaining series entry The Outfit: Outlawed! is featured today in the Lancashire Post and syndicated to 20 newspapers in the UK. You can read the review here.

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