Lowestoft Chronicle Editor Reviews ‘Never Say No to a Killer’ by Clifton Adams for the Lancashire Post

“In a violent and fast-paced crime noir tale, a wily, dangerous criminal escapes from prison and vows to avenge the murder of his former cellmate and continue the man’s extensive blackmail operation.

Never Say No to a Killer, reprinted from 1956 by Black Gat Books, an imprint of Stark House Press, is the first of two gritty Adams’ novels under the pen name Jonathan Gant. It tells the story of ruthless and clever Roy Surrat, an unrepentant prison convict determined to break out of jail and resume his life of crime.”

Nicholas Litchfield’s review of Never Say No to a Killer by Clifton Adams is published today in the Lancashire Evening Post, and syndicated to 25 newspapers across the UK.

Author: Editor

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