Lowestoft Chronicle Editor Reviews Poughkeepsie Shuffle

“In the slick-paced, tough-talking, hard-hitting novel Poughkeepsie Shuffle, the lure of money and power draws a fresh-out-of-prison car thief back to a life of crime and caught up in a violent and bloody gun-running operation.

Set in Toronto in the mid-1980s, this crime caper about small-time arms-runners, rival gangs, and organised crime networks is the sixth standalone novel from top Canadian crime writer Dietrich Kalteis, author of the notable books Triggerfish and Zero Avenue.

Before becoming a successful novelist, Kalteis started out as a short story writer in 2009, having fifty tales published in numerous popular literary magazines, including the Lowestoft Chronicle. His debut novel, Ride the Lightning, won a bronze medal at the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards for best regional fiction and was hailed as one of the best Vancouver crime novels.

His latest work, featuring a pack of fierce lowlifes all shooting for the high life, is centred on a somewhat likeable fifty-year-old ex-con named Jeff Nichols. Soon after Jeff’s release from Don Jail, having served an 18-month stretch for stealing cars, he is persuaded by a former prison inmate to work for Ted Bracey, the no-good owner of a used car lot in Toronto.”

Nicholas Litchfield’s review of Dietrich Kalteis’ hard-hitting novel Poughkeepsie Shuffle is featured today in the Lancashire Post and syndicated to 20 newspapers in the UK. You can read the review here.

Author: Editor

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