Paperback Warrior reviews Rage At Sea and A Party Every Night by Frederick Lorenz

“Frederick Lorenz was the pseudonym used by Lorenz Heller (1911-????) for a handful of paperback crime novels released by Lion Books in the 1950s. The New Jersey native worked as a seaman on a freighter, so it’s only fitting that I’m introduced to his body of work through his shipwreck novel A Rage at Sea from June 1953. Best of all, the book has been reprinted by Stark House Crime Classics as a double along with Lorenz’s A Party Every Night and an informative introduction by Nicholas Litchfield.

A Rage at Sea isn’t particularly action-packed, but the author’s excellent writing keep the pages flying by. Recommended.”

Paperback Warrior, a website dedicated to exploring pulp, westerns, hard-boiled, detective, mercenary, vigilante, crime, noir, and post-apocalyptic novels, recently reviewed the new reprint of two crime novels by Lorenz Heller, both published under his Frederick Lorenz pen name. The editor of Lowestoft Chronicle provided the introduction to this volume of long-forgotten but worthwhile 1950s tales.

You can read the review here.

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