Bookgasm reviews Bill Ballinger’s The Tooth and the Nail and The Wife of the Red-Haired Man

Recently, Alan Cranis of Bookgasm gave a rave review of The Tooth and the Nail and The Wife of the Red-Haired Man by Bill S. Ballinger, reissued as a double novel this past April. Of this new collection, Cranis writes: “The late Bill S. Ballinger published several mystery novels that are noteworthy for their unorthodox narrative structure, as evidenced by the two novels republished in this new edition from Stark House Press. Novelist and editor Nicholas Litchfield provides an introduction that traces Ballinger’s career and the development of his dual-plot technique. Litchfield notes that both of these novels, originally published in the mid-1950s, were well praised by critics and reviewers. Contemporary readers will equally applaud these works and find them well worth their time. Ballinger is without question an author worthy of rediscovery.”

This is the second volume of novels by Ballinger to be brought back into print. As with the previous collection from Stark House, A Portrait in Smoke and The Longest Second, published in 2018, the editor of Lowestoft Chronicle provides the introduction.

You can read the full Bookgasm review by Cranis here.

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