Two Exceptional Thrillers by Wade Miller

Recently, Bookgasm gave a very favorable review of the latest reprint of two novels by Wade Miller. “It is easy to see why Miller was among the most popular authors during the heyday of Gold Medal paperback originals. And thanks to this third series of reprints, both new and long-time crime fiction fans can experience (or re-experience) the continuing appeal of this collaborative team,” writes book critic Alan Cranis. “Editor and author Nicholas Litchfield provides an introduction that traces Wade Miller’s career and shows how the characters and themes of these two novels contribute to the pair’s long backlist of novels and short stories.”

Hardboiled suspense novel Devil May Care, which hasn’t been reprinted since the Fawcett Gold Medal printings in the 1950s, and slick, assassination tale Sinner Take All are available in print again for the first time in many decades. These exceptional novels, packaged together with a scrupulous introduction by the editor of Lowestoft Chronicle, are obtainable from Stark House Press and various online booksellers, including Amazon. It is highly advised that you grab a copy while it’s still available:

Author: Editor

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