Review of Dolores Hitchens’ Footsteps in the Night and Beat Back the Tide in Bookgasm

A positive review of two reprinted crime tales by the late American novelist Dolores Hitchens was published this month in Bookgasm. “The two stand-alone novels gathered here by Stark House Press, FOOTSTEPS IN THE NIGHT and BEAT BACK THE TIDE, demonstrate Hitchens’s skill at presenting multiple characters within a single framework,” writes reviewer Alan Cranis. “Nicholas Litchfield, a noted editor, reviewer and author, provides an introduction where he notes how Hitchens made her mark in the mostly male-dominated publishing world of her time, and how she incorporates her fondness for closely held secrets and skeletons in the closet into her novels.”

You can access the full Bookgasm review here.

This double-novel collection, published this month by Stark House Press, features an introduction by the editor of Lowestoft Chronicle. Grab a copy from Amazon or other online booksellers, or order it directly from the publisher.

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