Two Standout Charles Williams Crime Novels

“Williams’ devotees find themselves hoping that this will be the one to ignite a genuine revival,” writes Booklist’s Bill Ott. “Both are jewels in their own way, but The Sailcloth Shroud (1959) shines a bit brighter. All the Way (1958), the second novel in this fine twofer, is equally well constructed.”

This pair of memorable crime classics from the 1950s finally returned to print at the end of August via Stark House Press. Packaged together with the Fawcett cover that graced the 1960s reprint of The Sailcloth Shroud, this volume also includes an introduction by the editor of Lowestoft Chronicle.

Overlooked for decades, the novels appear to finally be getting the sort of media attention they deserve, with book critics like Alan Cranis of Bookgasm offering high praise. “While several of his works were adapted into movies, Williams remains, as Litchfield notes, one of the best-kept secrets in noir crime fiction. All the more reason why all crime fiction fans should take note of these two reprints. With luck we will see more of Williams’s work back in print again.”

You can purchase the collection from Stark House Press, Amazon, or other online booksellers. For more detailed opinions on these novels, check out the complete reviews at Booklist and Bookgasm.

Author: Editor

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