Bookgasm Reviews the Lionel White Collection STEAL BIG / THE BIG CAPER

This month, Stark House Press released a two-novel collection by Lionel White, hardboiled author of more than 35 crime thrillers. The book contains the novels STEAL BIG and THE BIG CAPER and includes a critical examination of the author by the editor of Lowestoft Chronicle. It is the fifth volume of stories by White to be published by Stark House.

“In his introduction, editor and author Nicholas Litchfield traces White’s career and influence on both his peers and later writers, while contrasting White’s serious fictional tone with his personal sense of humor and sarcasm,” writes Alan Cranis in a recent review in Bookgasm. “These two novels are a fine place for newcomers to begin their discovery of Lionel White and see why he is considered the master of the big caper.”

You can read the Bookgasm review here. Copies of the book are available here or directly from the publisher.

Author: Editor

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