Bookgasm reviews A Rage at Sea and A Party Every Night

This week, Bookgasm gave an excellent review of the new reprint of prolific crime writer Frederick Lorenz’s (aka Lorenz Heller) collection A Rage at Sea and A Party Every Night. These two uniquely brilliant tales of murder were reissued this past week for the first time in many decades. Alan Cranis of Bookgasm offers this verdict on the double-novel collection: “This new Stark House Press edition presents two novels originally published in the early and mid-1950s, and showcases Lorenz’s skill at characterization. While there is plenty of mounting suspense in A RAGE AT SEA, there are no mysterious deaths or other crimes. And A PARTY EVERY NIGHT only resembles a murder mystery when the death of the husband is investigated. Yet, again, Lorenz’s characters are what keep the pages turning, as we wonder want new complications the players will encounter. Editor and author Nicholas Litchfield provides a detailed introduction, tracing Lorenz’s writing career and the development of his character-driven technique. Crime fiction fans, even those who favor complex plots over characters, will find much to enjoy in these two novels. And Frederick Lorenz is an author they are likely to recommend to friends who usually avoid genre fiction.”

The collection A Rage at Sea and A Party Every Night by Frederick Lorenz, which includes an introduction by the editor of Lowestoft Chronicle, can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the publisher. You can read the full Bookgasm review by Cranis here.

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