Carter Brown’s The Lover, The Passionate, The Mistress

In May 2018 and April 2019, the Lowestoft Chronicle editor reviewed the collections NO HARP FOR MY ANGEL / BOOTY FOR A BABE / EVE, IT’S EXTORTION, and NO LAW AGAINST ANGELS / DOLL FOR A BIG HOUSE / CHORINE MAKES A KILLING by Carter Brown for the Lancashire Post and its syndicated newspapers. These two volumes feature early novels in the phenomenally successful mystery series by British-born Australian pulp writer Alan Geoffrey Yates, writing under the pseudonym Carter Brown. The series spawned close to 300 titles and allegedly sold more than 100 million copies.

This month, the editor of Lowestoft Chronicle provides the introduction to the newly released collection in the Carter Brown Mystery Series, THE LOVER / THE MISTRESS / THE PASSIONATE, published by Stark House Press. Previous volumes include introductions by Chris Yates, Rick Ollerman, and Priscilla Yates. Find out what Nicholas Litchfield has to say of the author, the series, and these books in particular.

You can purchase a copy of the collection from online retailers like Amazon or directly from the publisher.

Author: Editor

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