Lowestoft Chronicle’s Nominations for the Best American Series

We’ve nominated these pieces for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s annual Best American anthology series:

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy:
“Virtuality” by Ivy Goodman
“The Garden of Extinction” by Sam Grieve

Best American Travel Writing:
“On Being American in Europe” by Carrie Camp
“People-Watching in the Galápagos Islands” by Mary Donaldson-Evans
“In and Around Seoul – 1992” by Clare Goldfarb
“Rescue at Notre Dame” by Connie Kallback
“I Eat a Sea Mammal’ by Richard LeBlond
“The Keys” by Dorene O’Brien
“Safari on Mors Island” by Knud Sønderby (Translated by Michael Goldman)

Author: Editor

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