William Ard’s Timothy Dane Series

A recent collection from Stark House Press, published in December 2022, features a couple of highly absorbing 1950s hardboiled mysteries by prolific novelist William Ard. Chiefly known for his westerns, Ard was also an in-demand crime and mystery writer who produced at least three-dozen books using various pseudonyms. Popular with readers and highly praised by the likes of Anthony Boucher and other influential book critics, his fast-paced tales about private eye Timothy Dane span nine books.

The two adventures in this volume include Cry Scandal, from 1956, and The Root of His Evil, published in 1957 and reprinted as Deadly Beloved the following year. It also contains “Timothy Dane: A Hardboiled Combination of Toughness, Compassion, And Quiet Humor,” an essay by Nicholas Litchfield, the editor of Lowestoft Chronicle, in which he discusses the history of the Timothy Dane series.

You can purchase the book from online retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble or directly from the publisher.

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